2017 Crossfit Games Champion , Mandi Janowitz,  has programmed and implemented a new endurance training program, exclusive to Rockwell Crossfit. This supplement to traditional crossfit training, will help strengthen your aerobic capacity and stamina. The workouts incorporate crossfit movements, pose running training, rowing, and other cardio movements. The class lasts 60 minutes.

Come check it out on Thursdays at 10:00am.

It’s TIME to get fit.





35 min Running Clock

50 Reps of each movement

Can be done in any order but must keep paired movements together

• Deadlifts 135/95
• Burpees

• Wall balls 14/20
• Plate snatches 35/25

• KB headcutters 53/35
• Push-ups

• Push Press 65/45
• Box Jumps 24/20

• Sit-ups
• KB swings 53/35

**Row for Cals**

Score is total reps completed within 35 min time
If you finish within the time frame your score is calories rowed.
*record exact weight and specific order of movements completed.